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We help organizations embed equity in everything they do, inside and out. 

MG Equity Consulting specializes in advising institutions—from corporations to nonprofits to think tanks, and everything in between—on how to integrate equity into their internal-facing cultures, work plans, and recruiting efforts, as well as their external-facing products, platforms, policies, and advocacy work.

Malcom Glenn, CEO and Founder of MG Equilty Consulting

At MGEC, our commitment is to use equitable strategies as a means to the most important end: helping communities thrive.

Founder and CEO Malcom Glenn

How We Help

How We Can Help You

Speaking and Workshops

Malcom Glenn, founder and CEO of MGEC, is available to serve as a keynote speaker, expert facilitator, and leader of workshops on topics including:

  • diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • managing teams, building culture, and hiring people

  • creating policies to make cities more equitable via housing, transportation, workforce development, criminal justice reform, public health, and more

DEI Strategy and Auditing

No matter where you are in your journey to make diversity, equity, and inclusion core to your institution, MGEC will help you do so in a way that:

  • aligns your rhetoric with reality

  • creates tailored solutions that fit your organization's unique needs

  • utilizes inclusive design strategies to help you integrate equity into your internal- and external-facing work—sustainably, and for the long term

Communications and Policy Plans

As important as your organization's work is your ability to share it with the world. MGEC will help you develop comms and partnerships plans to reach:

  • reporters, lawmakers, and regulators

  • third party issue groups, advocacy organizations, and nonprofits

  • senior executives—through 1:1 or C-level sessions—in order to help them improve their communications, leadership, and management skills

About MGEC

We believe deeply in the fact that true equity-centered work is insufficient if it focuses only on internal organizational change. For organizations to make the most meaningful commitment to equity, their work must be measured by both internal- and external-facing outcomes. That means understanding how to create inclusive and equitable workplace cultures, how to recruit and retain employees from historically excluded communities, and how to help those teams thrive.

It also means building relationships with the advocates, experts, and people with lived experience in the communities that might most benefit from your organization's work. It means asking—and answering—questions about accessibility, security, sustainability, and of course, equity.

MG Equity Consulting helps organizations create their internal equity plans, tie those plans to measurable outcomes both inside and outside their institution, and map out how to measure the success of those plans in the real world. We take a holistic approach to equity, making sure that the pursuit of equitable outcomes considers the experiences of employees, customers, and constituents across a broad spectrum of different demographics, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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