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We help you answer that question in a way that meets your organization's specific needs. That means creating specialized plans, recommendations, and workshops resulting in the right outcomes for your teams and the communities you serve. Whether it's helping you with a years-long plan or guiding your team through a tailored session, MGEC can help you implement strategies that do right by all the constituencies that matter.


What does equity mean for you?

About Founder

About Our Founder

Malcom Glenn is the founder of MG Equity Consulting, an advisory firm that helps organizations embed equity in their internal- and external-facing work. 

Malcom has spent more than a dozen years building partnerships between corporations, nonprofits, and governments, and telling the stories of the impact of that work. Malcom is also a Fellow at New America.


Malcom was previously the Head of Global Policy for Accessibility and Underserved Communities at Uber, where he built partnerships with historically marginalized groups, including people with disabilities, low-income families, communities of color, seniors, and returning citizens. Malcom is a former executive communications manager at Google, where he led communications for two of the company's Chief Financial Officers and their leadership teams.

Malcom is an advisory board member for the Chamber of Progress and he's on the board of directors for Greater Greater Washington. He's also an associate board member for the IDAC Foundation, as well as a member of the board of directors for the World Institute on Disability. Malcom is also a member of the Council on Criminal Justice, and an inaugural board member for Communitas America.

Malcom graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in history, where he was the president of The Harvard Crimson, the nation's oldest continuously published daily college newspaper. Born and raised in Denver, CO, he lives with his wife and son in Washington, DC.

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About Firm

About Our Firm

We believe deeply in the fact that true equity-centered work is insufficient if it focuses only on internal organizational change. For organizations to make the most meaningful commitment to equity, their work must be measured by both internal- and external-facing outcomes. That means understanding how to create inclusive and equitable workplace cultures, how to recruit and retain employees from historically excluded communities, and how to help those teams thrive.

It also means building relationships with the advocates, experts, and people with lived experience in the communities that might most benefit from your organization's work. It means asking—and answering—questions about accessibility, security, sustainability, and of course, equity.

MG Equity Consulting helps organizations create their internal equity plans, tie those plans to measurable outcomes both inside and outside their institution, and map out how to measure the success of those plans in the real world. We take a holistic approach to equity, making sure that the pursuit of equitable outcomes considers the experiences of employees, customers, and constituents across a broad spectrum of different demographics, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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